• Experiment
    Scientific Research
  • FixMyStreet
    Civic Participation, Geospatial/Mapping
  • Foldit
    Scientific Research
  • GovTogetherBC
    Civic Participation, Governance
  • Grade.DC.Gov
    Civic Participation
  • GroupTalent
    Business & Legal Services
  • I Paid a Bribe
    Civic innovation, Civic participation, Governance, Transparency & Accountability, Urban Development
  • IBM on Smarter Sustainable Dubuque
    Civic Participation
  • Ideas 2 Action
    Civic Participation
  • IdeaScale
    Civic Participation
  • Innocentive
    Research and consulting, Scientific Research
  • Kickstarter
    Finance & Investment
  • MashupAustralia
    Civic Participation, Data/Technology
  • Neighbor.ly
    Civic Participation, Finance & Investment
  • NYC BigApps Challenge
    Civic Innovation, Data/Technology
  • Open Data 500
    Business & Legal Services, Economic Development
  • OpenIDEO
    Civic Innovation, Civic Participation
  • Open Source Drug Discovery
    Civic Innovation, Data/Technology, Healthcare, Scientific Research
  • Participatory Budgeting in NYC
    Civic Participation, Finance & Investment, Transparency & Accountability
  • Patient Feedback Challenge
  • Patient Opinion
  • Peer To Patent
    Civic Participation, Data/Technology
  • PlaceSpeak
  • Propeller Health
  • Public Lab
    Civic Innovation, Civic Participation, Data/Technology, Environment & Weather, Scientific Research
  • PulsePoint Respond
    Civic Innovation, Civic Participation, Data/Technology, Geospatial/Mapping, Healthcare
  • Quora
  • Radiation-Watch.org
    Geospatial/Mapping, Healthcare
  • RosPil
    Business & Legal Services, Civic Participation, Governance, Transparency & Accountability
  • Safecast
    Data/Technology, Geospatial/Mapping, Healthcare
  • SeeClickFix
    Civic Participation, Urban Development
  • Spacehive
    Civic Participation, Finance & Investment
  • Stack Exchange
    Data/Technology, Education, Research & Consulting
  • TED Open Translation Project
  • Tehuan 3.0
    Civic innovation, Civic participation, Data/Technology, Geospatial/Mapping, Lifestyle and Consumer, Transparency and Accountability, Urban development
  • topcoder
    Data/Technology, Scientific Research
  • Threadless
  • Ushahidi
    Civic Innovation, Civic participation, Geospatial and Mapping
  • We the People
    Civic Participation, Governance
  • White House Open Government Initiative
  • World Bank ICT4Gov
    Civic Participation, Governance, Transparency & Accountability
    Data/Technology, Economic Development, Education, Environment & Weather, Scientific Research
  • Zooniverse
    Civic Innovation, Civic Participation, Data/Technology, Scientific Research
  • Smithsonian Transcription Center
    Civic participation, Education, Organizing, Scientific Research
  • MapGive
    Civic Innovation, Civic participation, Data/Technology, Education, Organizing, Scientific Research, Geospatial/Mapping, Organizing, Transparency & Accountability
  • Air Sensor Toolbox
    Civic Innovation, Civic Participation, Data/Technology, Education, Environment & Weather, Healthcare, Geospatial/Mapping, Organizing, Transparency & Accountability