DriveBC is the central hub of vehicle related information, services and citizen reporting for the province. The service provides citizens with contact information to report highway issues, with optimized site versions for desktop and mobile, and a strong Twitter presence.

Historical Information
DriveBC was overhauled in March 2012 by its operating department, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. None of the most recent updates, however, have affected the citizen reporting aspect of the site.

Drive BC’s citizen reporting functionality does not feature any on-site means of citizen input. For all issues, citizens are directed to contact information, notably telephone numbers, with no option for simply typing in a description of the issue and the address directly from the Web or mobile. While this capability exists using the DriveBC Twitter account, it is questionable whether citizens would ascertain this fact from visiting the desktop or mobile site.
Drive BC’s ability to guide citizen input regarding issues on different types of provincial roads and highways, as well as wildfires, chemical spills and downed power lines could go unnoticed by citizens because the link to report such issues is subtly presented on the site. Moreover, the link citizens need to click, on mobile or desktop, is confusingly labeled “Report a Highway Problem.” Based on this subtlety and misleading label, citizens attempting to report a wildfire or a pothole on a municipal road could easily assume that Drive BC is not the correct place to make such a report.

Project Details
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