About Catchafire
Catchafire is a platform that matches professionals who want to volunteer their skills with nonprofits who need their help. These skills and tasks range from help with branding, fundraising and report writing, for organizations across the wide spectrum of nonprofit field. Catchafire allows non-profits to crowdsourcing their challenges and for professionals to donate their skills.

Historical Information
Founded in 2010 by former investment banker Rachael Chong, Catchafire is a New York City-based for-profit company and platform that matches nonprofits needing assistance on specific projects to skilled volunteers. The inspiration for Catchafire came when as an employee at UBS, Ms. Chong participated in a volunteer opportunity that included hauling lumber to a construction site – a task that did not make use her financial skills. She was inspired to create a service that would allow professionals to donate their time in a way that was both most useful for the “receiving” organization, and also career-enhancing for the volunteer. In 2014, Catchafire became a key partner in LinkedIn’s new Volunteer Marketplace.

Project Details
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