About agreeble
Agreeble is an interactive surveying platform and sentiment analysis tool that aims to produce "insight through open dialogue" by curating issues and gauging community perception on those issues.
agreeble identifies consensus-driving and polarizing opinions in gropus of people. When users voice their opinions, delivering the accountability of a survey with the unique insights found only on social networks.

Historical Information
Agreeble started to answer the question, "which opinions drive consensus between people on polar ends of an issue?"
They proved the concept by playing an index card version of the game, which worked great for about five people. Once they worked out kinks in the model, development began, and we started working with larger sample sets.
They incorporated in January of 2014 and have since added advisors in research, ux, marketing, and rhetoric. They have additionally partnered with Amazon and uSamp for sourcing samples.

"We believe that part of the problem with polarization is the platform. Our goal is to shed light on the grey areas, when issues seem black or white, and see if we can't unlock consensus in the process".

Project Details
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